IELTS global marketing team is well known for their love of print materials, and approach that I affectionally call the 'Jaguar Method'. Relying extensively on detailed and luxurious brochures that are given expert editorial attention and high end press treatments to the marketing materials they produce I was included in the domestic English and Arabic production pipelines. 
As the world becomes increasingly polarized and confusing, during the holidays, VIP recipients receive a message of peace in the form of a post card from the team at IELTS. 
IELTS Test Administrators MEETING Brochure
The mandatory biennial National Meeting of IELTS Test Administrators happens and involves representatives from several organizations spread across from 40 states. The conference is an opportunity for  test administrators and the IELTS team to get on the same page as it regards to the changes organizationally and affecting the marketplace. A complex schedule is put together and is distributed to each attendee. The 2016 meeting was held in the Little Tokyo district of Downtown Los Angeles, giving rise to the colorful fish-scale theme, inspired by the historic Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens, now The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown.


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