Core to my role at IELTS was developing the message and strategic approach to the organization's growing international audience and devising channel based approach to communications that connect the appropriate audience to the right channel. 
The key to our approach to Facebook marketing was to familiarize our audience of over 500,000 followers with the process, and advantages of undertaking an IELTS examination. 
The lion's share of these were young people who were planning to emigrate to the US for higher education studies. And this is where many US bound prospective test-takers are found. 
Our engagement strategy drove growth 18% with no ad spend engaged. 
Natalia's Journey
In the summer of 2016 I departed on a red-eye for Washington D.C. in preparation for 4 days shooting in our nation's capital. In the weeks running up to this I worked with our event team, who were preparing one of IELTS' largest annual events in the district to secure locations and accommodations for relevant staff. I worked with the National Park's Service and Film DC to get us broad access to shoot in the district with a local-hire crew. 
Primarily we shot a feature profile on Natalia Arias, a star test taker who was at the time doing incredible work at the World Health Organization. I worked with Bloomers creator, Matt Palazzolo, who I brought on to direct, to shoot Natalia around the district as part of a day in the life of an unstoppable woman. Additionally, we shot a series of interviews for other content. In all we created media for 9 pieces of content in those 4 days. 
The IELTS Recognition Team spends over 50% of their time on the road. We discovered that they loved to document their time in different cities meeting with the stakeholders at different institutions of learning who were accepting or on-boarding the IELTS examination process. 
This gave us a way to connect with the higher-education set in a digital channel they are already eager to expand in and show tech-savvy prospects that IELTS is everywhere they want to be. 
Thus was born #WhereAreWeNow, an initiative to share our team's travels across the U.S. and abroad. 


IELTS Print Materials
Printed media in digital press, 4 color process, spot, screenprint for a global brand.
The International English language Testing System is a non-profit organization that higher education and governments use to measure the efficacy of an applicant's command of the English language for migration and study in English speaking markets. 
A collection of my production work over the last several years; including Imagineline Media, Nikhedonia, AT&T, Grip-N-Assist, Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, and Plyojam.
VACAYA Social Video
VACAYA's unending appetite to stand out in the digital space demanded regular updates with video for distinct social channels.
BLOOMERS Production
The small team at BLOOMERS became a family, and when your family runs into trouble, you step up. My role grew from on-set sound technician to Associate Producer between the first and third seasons.
BLOOMERS Digital Marketing
Taking the mantle of the digital producer in season 2 of the award-winning digital series BLOOMERS.
Westmoreland Media
WMLM is an ad hoc full service creative and communications agency founded in 2010 by myself and my partners Jay Chen and Ciera Waring. Together we've worked on some incredible initiatives and exciting brands.  
VACAYA Display Adveritsing
Custom-developed ads in IAB formats for Google AdWords and other publishers.
Imageline Media
Imageline creates compelling and emotional content for commercial, television development, non profits, and corporate clients.
I am a writer and producer for features, branded media, and the development of alternative television. Developing adaptations and original feature length concepts.  Explore some of my written work-without limits: 
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