Photo-editing, Web Design,  Email Design, Social Digital Materials for luxury resort
and cruise charter company, VACAYA.
One of the first assignments I was given by VACAYA was to create a signature look or "filter" for images that we shot, and I was provided a library of stock and custom shot photos to choose from. 
I wanted to play with the idea of fantasy, and that these trips were hyper-real. I removed blemishes, altered a lot of the color pallet of the images to bring the brand pallet into the reality, even though its pinks purples and blues cooled the images, I gave back warmth to the lighting and gave our subjects a bit of a tan. Vacaya also wanted to play a lot with light leaks and streaks and I employed that where possible. These 'filters' set the tone for the rest of my design work. 
Digital Design
The layout of VACAYA's website was largely established by the external agency design team. What I brought to the table was the inclusion of the forward looking signature aesthetic, strategic placement, and technical rigor that the specifications required, established in concert with our development partners. 
After reviewing the site stem-to-stern I wrote the documentation for the website so that others could collaborate as well. The site being graphics heavy, we paid special attention to the optimizing our large graphics for increased load times. We achieved an average of 72% data reduction in images. 
In email we wanted to break the mold from the templates of our service provider, I spent a significant amount of time pushing the limits of development and testing the code that became our key email UI. 


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