VACAYA has a voracious appetite for video. At its launch, VACAYA announced 3 full charter vacations. Each needed its own key video promotion, in addition to a full brand overview. 
The challenge: the cash-strapped start-up team needed to convey the sentiment of their luxe vacations without investing in luxe production costs. Many hours of research involved in our library and work with key partners to curate media appropriate to create the excitement leading up to VACAYA's inaugural vacations and the lush relaxation of the destinations. 
With a digital-first approach to marketing the team needed to stand out in the timeline.


/vuh kai' uh/ re-imagines charter vacations for the LGBT+ community. Their service focused approach and digital-first strategy brings luxury to a market segment that has had limited and largely- segregated options for nearly three decades.
BLOOMERS Digital Marketing
Taking the mantle of the digital producer in season 2 of the award-winning digital series BLOOMERS.
Imageline Media
Imageline creates compelling and emotional content for commercial, television development, non profits, and corporate clients.
Westmoreland Media
WMLM is an ad hoc full service creative and communications agency founded in 2010 by myself and my partners Jay Chen and Ciera Waring. Together we've worked on some incredible initiatives and exciting brands.  
BLOOMERS Production
The small team at BLOOMERS became a family, and when your family runs into trouble, you step up. My role grew from on-set sound technician to Associate Producer between the first and third seasons.
I am a writer and producer for features, branded media, and the development of alternative television. Developing adaptations and original feature length concepts.  Explore some of my written work-without limits: 
A collection of my production work over the last several years; including Imagineline Media, Nikhedonia, AT&T, Grip-N-Assist, Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, and Plyojam.
VACAYA Display Adveritsing
Custom-developed ads in IAB formats for Google AdWords and other publishers.
Photo-editing, Web Design, Email Design, Social Digital Materials for luxury resort and cruise charter company, VACAYA.
IELTS Social Media Initiatives
Social Media and Digitial initiatives that resulted in record completion of programs and 18% organic growth in KPIs.
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