The Principal at Imageline Media was in pre-production for his feature-directorial debut, and forced between shuttering the production facility's doors he opted to bring me in to bring order to the facility and helm several projects. Boarding me allowed him to dedicate time to focus on the feature and giving me the cultivation of his existing and new business, in particular Emmy Winning alternative programing shop Brian Graden Media. 
The Widney Gala
The University of Southern California's Widney Society is the fundraising society for donors who have given over $1 million dollars or more. In the run up to their gala fundraiser I was tasked to produce the videos that would inspire attendees to open their checkbooks and give yet again. 
With the USC Village expansion construction well under way and the university in the middle of trying to raise $6 billion dollars by the end of 2018 this fundraising event was going to be key to making their objectives. 
We worked with the communications office of the university to develop a historical narrative of the generosity of the people of Los Angeles and their ties to the University of Southern California. We additionally were tasked to tell the story of the campus's plans and for the future and vision for research and innovation the university would be undertaking.  Working with the president, researchers, historians of the university, medical professionals and more, we told the compelling and far reaching ambitions of the university across 230 years. 
The Lazarex Cancer Foundation
The Lazarex Cancer Foundation helps fund therapies and familial support for people undergoing experimental cancer treatment. The returned to Imageline to tell the story of how their work impacts the lives of people whom they connect to treatments. 
Crowell Weedon & Co. 
One of our directors pitched Crowell Weddon the concept for a modern retelling of the tortoise and the hare, offering me the opportunity to fulfill a life long dream; to shoot a car commercial. Well it's more of a commercial about cars, but I think it still counts. 
Shot in the Angeles National Forest, we closed down one of the arteries with the help of the county sheriff, and rented three performance cars, a Ferrari and a Maserati to star in our piece; and a convertible Chevrolet to serve as our camera car. Two of the industry's best stunt drivers were brought in to help us with the more hazardous portions of the shoot. 
How to Make Love to a Woman
An unscripted reality series development pitch for BGM. Hunky guys giving regular joe's sexy makeovers and helping them have the confidence to switch things up with their partners.


A collection of my production work over the last several years; including Imagineline Media, Nikhedonia, AT&T, Grip-N-Assist, Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, and Plyojam.
Nikhedonia Entertainment - BLOOMERS
BLOOMERS is a digital series that was written and created by Matt Palazzolo in 2010, about a group of seven twenty-something friends who need to grow up.
I am a writer and producer for features, branded media, and the development of alternative television. Developing adaptations and original feature length concepts.  Explore some of my written work-without limits: 
IELTS Social Media Initiatives
Social Media and Digitial initiatives that resulted in record completion of programs and 18% organic growth in KPIs.
/vuh kai' uh/ re-imagines charter vacations for the LGBT+ community. Their service focused approach and digital-first strategy brings luxury to a market segment that has had limited and largely- segregated options for nearly three decades.
The International English language Testing System is a non-profit organization that higher education and governments use to measure the efficacy of an applicant's command of the English language for migration and study in English speaking markets. 
BLOOMERS Production
The small team at BLOOMERS became a family, and when your family runs into trouble, you step up. My role grew from on-set sound technician to Associate Producer between the first and third seasons.
VACAYA Social Video
VACAYA's unending appetite to stand out in the digital space demanded regular updates with video for distinct social channels.
Westmoreland Media
WMLM is an ad hoc full service creative and communications agency founded in 2010 by myself and my partners Jay Chen and Ciera Waring. Together we've worked on some incredible initiatives and exciting brands.  
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